Why Don’t We…. Amerie F. Ludacris

I finally and I do mean finally made some meshes. At wasn’t as hard as I thought but it is time intensive and complex to the extreme.
I’m still sort of obsessed with the Well Rounded Shape by Dr. Pixel. I seem to have a renewed interest in TS2 since I had to keep patching and fiddling with TS3.

Here’s a preview of the meshes. I’m still working on a few of them. I want them to all have all 3 morphs. Some do and others asploded on me.











(Say) All I Need…ShowerproofSkintones

Hey everyone, today I come bearing 4 different showerproof skintones. Well rather 3 sets of linked meshes and 1 combo set. They came about while I was in the middle of the collaboration and I was learning about linking skintones. One very easy tutorial later I’d linked my very first showerproof skintone. As for the title, I was listening to OneRepublic and this song came on as soon as I saved the file. I have updated with new download links. I’m so sorry that anyone had problems with the other hosting. Let me know if you have any difficulties this time.


The Details

LBBv2 and BBv2 Stand Alone Skintones are Barbie below the waist on the females. The modified meshes are linked to Y/AM – EM and the cut morph skintone is linked to all the morphs fit, default and fat.

LBBv2/WRS skintone is adult on both males and females, however males don’t have drawn on genitalia. The male meshes are linked the same as above and the female has the modified meshes linked to TF-EF as is the soft skintone.

The WRS stand alone is linked the same as the above.

All files have been compressorized.


LBBv2_SA_ Skintone

LBBv2 Meshes


BBv2 Meshes

WRS/LBB Combo Skintone

WRS/LBBv2 Meshes (get both sets from other links)


WRS Meshes

If you want to get it all or the links aren’t working go HERE or HERE


Also the clothing in the pictures aren’t available for public consumption but they are the gorgegous man-panties/obsession from Aikea-Guinea offering in an GOS Monthly project, and Bruno from MTS from several different sets.

For BBv2 & LBB V2 Meshes


Splitting the meshes so they can be linked

    For LBB V2 meshes



    For BBv2 Meshes


    Well Rounded Sims


Dr. Pixel

Mesh split by and originally linked by BLooM who also added his famous sexy feet and other high res details to the nude mesh along with some of the others.

Pregmorph added to most of the meshes and will replace the ones that come from Dr.Pixel’s posts on MTS2 by VanityDeMise. Including the showerproof skintone.

The WRS shape does include TF-EF

You can also find lots of clothing for these bodyshapes



and clothing for the original BB @


Starter Set

also has links to all the other parts of the sets,

Also in very near future VanityDemise and myself will release some more clothing for the WRS shape most of which will include pregmorphs.

Skintones and extras used:

All LBBv2 and BBv2 skintones use the feet layers released by Marvine

[Ephemera]SimpleSkin Soft Edition by Teru_K for LBBv2 and BBv2 StandAlone skintones. Numbers 02,04,05,06


also using hair layers  by AllanABQ from ISA

For WRS LBBv2 link Skintones and WRS standalone skintone sets use a modified Dermalicious originally by Corviphile and Modified to work with sexy feet and have adult details by JWilson5


    More Gratuitous Pic Spam

WRS AF Sims Preview