It’s A Holly, Jolly Time

I know it’s been a while but I come bearing gifts and news of updates and more stuff.

The downloads for today are the gifts I made  for my secret santa for Christmas in July on the GOS site. You should check out the gift sharing thread it was awesome. I got so many yummy things there.

That being said, you probably want to see pictures, huh.

“It’s A Holly Jolly Time” is 4 outfits for men.

2 of which don’t have fat morphs, but luckily for you they’re both Everyday and Outerwear for those that have seasons.

Then there are the 2 that do have fat morph, I was toying with making them defaults, but there are so many floating around I have no idea of what is what any more with that. So, basically you can do what you want them, they are basically all EAxis with a little hand painting. If I borked anything let me know. Everything is clearly labeled and they aren’t townified, or even compressed I have no idea how to do that stuff.  For people without Seasons the files labeled ED_OW aren’t going to work you need ED only.

Downloads Below






Sorry to slack off……

And no I haven’t been working on anything amazing, I had to move out of state and I started a new job. Lots of RL type stuff going on. I have ideas though. I have lots of those.  See you guys soon.

The Sims 3’s Newest EP World Adventures introduce more than world travel.

It seems that EA is now adding on an additional $10 to the prices of the new EP. They are saying that players are getting $10 in Sim Points to spend in the store as well as 15 unique items upon registration to compensate. Many people aren’t pleased and a petition is in circulation, which I’ve signed. Please check it out and spread the word.

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Right now VanitydeMise, BLooM and I are working on long neglected bodyshape.

The shape will have a showerproof skintone in a wide range of complexions, along with a variety of wardrobe choices many with preg morph.

Thanks to BLooM she will feature realistic high res touches along with sexyfeet and Thanks Vanity for the Bump meshes

Stay tuned for some more information along with some pic spam.