It’s A Holly, Jolly Time

I know it’s been a while but I come bearing gifts and news of updates and more stuff.

The downloads for today are the gifts I made  for my secret santa for Christmas in July on the GOS site. You should check out the gift sharing thread it was awesome. I got so many yummy things there.

That being said, you probably want to see pictures, huh.

“It’s A Holly Jolly Time” is 4 outfits for men.

2 of which don’t have fat morphs, but luckily for you they’re both Everyday and Outerwear for those that have seasons.

Then there are the 2 that do have fat morph, I was toying with making them defaults, but there are so many floating around I have no idea of what is what any more with that. So, basically you can do what you want them, they are basically all EAxis with a little hand painting. If I borked anything let me know. Everything is clearly labeled and they aren’t townified, or even compressed I have no idea how to do that stuff.¬† For people without Seasons the files labeled ED_OW aren’t going to work you need ED only.

Downloads Below






It’s All Just a Game Anyway

Well, I finished my entry for the GOS August theme which was Geek Chic. (I also voted for that one incidentally)

I made a mesh exclusively for GOS and the theme. Once the month is over the mesh will be available for recolors. You can see the post and download HERE

Here’s the Pic Spam. I had fun with the Adults Play on Playground Hack by Squinge with this one.