New Set 2 Kitschy Kitchen

I was trying to get this one finished before the month was over for GOS’ Kitchen Crazy/ World of Fiction Challenge. I made with 2 days to spare.

This time I tried to use mostly game objects to recolor but I do have some recolors of Nengi65’s Big Rug and here’s the link to the others sizes Huge Lunatic repositoried to them, Sims2Play’s Inosign curtain, and recolored the fabulous Grave Robber’s square Grilled Cheese. She has updated the meshes to pick up recolors for the NL Grilled cheese as well, you may want to find out if the mesh I have included per her policy doesn’t conflict. I’ll be checking and will update the mesh files if that is so. I do want to thank everyone in the SOYC thread at GOS for helping me figure out why my rugs wouldn’t fringe. I think the picture’s came out great this time.

I used the TeaPartyinTeak Chair from the Base Game and HugeLunatic made a table that picks up those textures so you get 2 for one. I used the Grilled Cheese mesh from the Nightlife EP.





Paintings 1

Paintings 2

Credits for the textures:

paleseptembre @ deviant art

and other places on the internet

wood texture came from one of the extracted packs on GOS, I’m so sorry I don’t remember which one.

Here’s the link for the tables, I’m sorry that it wasn’t included in the mesh folder like I intended.

Download from GOS in Kitchen Crazy/World of Fiction thread.

New Set 1 G is for Girl ~ SS gift for EA Poe

Hi guys,

I’m still on that recoloring kick, I blame psychosim over at GOS, working on project with him I learned how easy recoloring can be. So when GOS’ Secret Santa rolled around this year and my giftee was EA POE; alot of ideas banged around in my head and many of them made me back off.  I finally settled on recoloring the lovely Hansen set by Sim2play, along with some Jonesi blankets ( and all of it’s repositoried children) Holy Simoly Curtains redone by HugeLunatic and Ambular and Valance from the laboheme set, and topped it all of with a few recolors of the BV poster and it’s children. There will be a resource list at the bottom of the post. All meshes are included as per the original creator please respect their TOU as well as mine by not sharing on any Paysites. I’m sorry for the craptasic pictures, I ran out of time and I couldn’t get really good shots. So I comprised, they show everything and are okay looking.

Swatches of Extra Blankets

Resources for this set

BV Poster for Base Game

Single LaBoheme valance

Crib Valance

Additional BV Poster Meshes


More Jonesi Blanket Children






Credit for the textures:

Everything can be downloaded @ GOS SS thread